Thursday, 28 July 2011

Today's three loves

1 The Parisian home of Amelie Baudin,

2 This video featuring another Amelie (Charlie Winston's croon is divine)

3 The wonderful prize I won from Soul of Maïa, the first time I've got lucky in these things. Tack beautiful Sussi! 


  1. Happy woman - to live in Paris!


  2. Such beautiful rooms; I was so enraptured I could hardly wait to see the next one coming...

    I love the light fixture in the first picture, and her blue dress is so lovely! The bedroom simplicity is divine, and the decorations... the lovely collection of letters on the wall, the candles... so much inspiration!

    Thanks for this fabulous post :)

    xo xo from Miami Beach, FL, USA

  3. I was so excited about the pics I forgot to say congratulations on your prize!

  4. Kiva nähdä jotain tällaista ettei tarvitse katsella omaa kotia. Maalaushomma eteisessä kesken jo viikon ja oksennuspyykkiä kaikkialla. Tämä piristi.

  5. What an amazing house!

    Lieve groet, Madelief

  6. let's talk for a moment about how lovely your blog is...i have never gone away without inspiration, or a sigh, or a sense of peace. thank you for this. and congrats on your win! i have never won a giveaway but my time is coming!


  7. So beautiful...I want to live there, please! :)

  8. Franka, you're so right!

    MissBliss, so nice to hear - I seem to have a fixation for fireplaces filled with chunky church candles, another great example here. Warmest regards to Miami and thanks for the congrats :)

    rva Reipas, oon kieltämättä miettinyt tuota, että minkä verran sitä pakenee loppujen lopuksi tänne, jottei oman kodin keskeneräisyyttä tarvitsisi tuijotella. Hyvä kuulla, että muutkin :) Teillä kuulosti kyllä varsin ärtsyltä yhdistelmältä, toivottavasti on pahin ruljanssi jo ohi!

    Erica, Fabulous indeed!

    Johanna, Thanks and hugs!

    Madelief, It just seems to shout out Paris!

    michele, oooh, your words really touched me, thank you ever so much. It made me so happy to hear you leave with a sense of peace. As for the win, if I managed to, surely you're time is coming, too :)

    Ms. Charity, After this post and reading these comments I keep thinking how amazing it would be to get to live in Paris even for a few months at some point in life...

    Nikella, Love it, too, so simple and airy.

  9. thank you for always inspiring me so much through your beautiful posts!
    ♥ hanlie

  10. thank you rebecca for writing my name ! julie


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