Saturday, 29 June 2013

A rainy day in Helsinki today
and I've created myself a cosy nook on the sofa,
jotting down some holiday plans in my moleskine
& eyeing up some decor inspiration.

And here's a home that just grabbed me -
all soft and rugged,
 and designed by the owner duo 

It makes me happy when you stop by,
sending you smiles. 

All photos: i gigi


  1. Soft and rugged suits me beautifully today! I want to get lost & stay in this post...

  2. Dreamy pics!

    It's raining in Nürnberg too!

    ♥ Franka

  3. Beautiful. It is a grey day in Ireland but no rain which is rather shocking! A lovely post to wake up to of a Saturday relaxing chill out morning. Nice one Rebecca..Sinead

  4. magical place

  5. Such a beautiful home, must be really comforting to live in!

  6. Thank you again :)
    Wow,wonderful and worth waiting for !!!


  7. oh what a soft, warm home, beautiful colors and material.

    I live in Iceland and we are still waiting for the summer, but it is not raining at this moment, but to cold for this time of year. so a warm and cosy home like this is a dream.
    Have a nice weekend
    hugs Stína

  8. Lovely pictures from a beautiful home. Thank you for sharing.
    hugs Ann

  9. Your blog is beautiful!!!!!


    :) T

  10. gorgeous neutral comfy home...x

  11. Thank you all for cheering me up with your lovely messages!
    Yes, such a soothing, comforting home
    to curl up in on a rainy day
    (or any other type of day, I'm sure :) ).

    And I love that all this 'back-to-basic's type of decor
    seems to be at the forefront a great deal these days
    - a far cry from having to have the latest gimmicks
    or designer chairs or whatever it may be...
    Just pared-down, loved, found & cherished.

    Wishing you all a good Sunday ahead, x

  12. Hi Rebecca. This is a lovely home. Each time I see neutral creamy shades like this I want to trow everything out of my home and start again. Isn't that the way it always is? Each room and vignette has something special to it. I particularly love the wallpaper in the bathroom. Hmm, wonder is it would work in my Craftsman cottage. Wonder if I could paint it! :)

  13. glorious! and now i must rush over to eBay in desperation after a glimpse of those little English crocks lined up. of course, i already have plenty! but mine are stamped with 'marmalade!' surely i need the more minimal variety, yes?

    hugs to you.


  14. I love the table in the first image. The rest spectacular.

    dar amïna

  15. fantastic home...fantastic blog................

  16. So lovely! How did you do the walls? Are they painted? Papered? I love the cozy vibe they lend.

    1. Dear Carrie,

      Thanks for leaving a comment!
      Unfortunately this home isn't mine at all,
      but the pics come via I gigi general store in the U.K.,
      you'll find the link in the opening paragraph.
      I'd love to know what that wall finish is myself.... x


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