Sunday, 13 April 2014


Back home after getting the chance

to play in a studio for a couple of days

- a whole new playing field

to slowly start finding my feet in. 

Pinching myself as the train was homeward-bound

and ploughing through faded fields,

for getting to throw myself

into what I love

and having a whole bunch of new people

to have fun with and learn from

at the same time.

A sense of direction

and support that's so uplifting.


But today it's a slow, drizzly Sunday

and I've got myself into a state of mesmerisation

over Bruno Aveillan's photography.

I simply adore his world 

of softness, subtleness,

marriage of light and shadows.

He's also a creator

of the most ravishing video imagery -

With these I want to wish you

a touch of beauty and magic this Sunday.


All photos: Bruno Aveillan


  1. so beautiful Pictures, love it all. The Colour is fantastic



  2. I love the first photo! Wonderfull ! Thanks for sharing!
    Greets Cora from Holland

  3. I love photos in Your post!

  4. Mystical and alluring photo's. Wow! Wish I could take photo's like that

  5. ohhhh please teach me the art of softness and subtlety you have captured so lovingly. it is moving, and i'm so proud of you.


  6. Thank you dear Dragana, Cora, Agata, Hilde and Michele
    for leaving traces of yourselves.
    Mr Aveillan sure has a thing going on there
    (and a poetic surname to match).
    michele - just to make sure you didn't imagine these to be mine...
    would love to learn some lessons from the photographer behind these.


It makes me happy
when you leave a trace

- whether it's a single word
or you scribble all over.


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