Saturday, 14 June 2014

Copenhagen charm

Loving the light-filled, neutral Copenhagen home 

of Danish fashion designer Susanne Rutzou -

The article was originally published in Elle Decoration 

with photography  by Heidi Lerkenfeldt 

and styling by Pernille West,


  1. My goodness, how lovely. I would so much like to visit Copenhagen. And the Danish have such good taste. I have seen photos of Helena Christensen's home in NY on your site - wow!
    Have a lovely weekend xxx

    1. Copenhagen is one of those cities I could definitely keep returning to...
      They do seem to be blessed with great taste over there
      - a combo of Scandinavian simplicity with a bit of boho,
      or something like that...
      Whatever the secret, it sure seems to work.
      There's just something alluring about Helena Christensen, right?

  2. I like many details of that house. The wall full of mirrors, the window seat, the old desk...and all of this in the same palette.
    Really beautiful!

    1. Somehow looks like a comfortable and serene backdrop
      for life, not too staged despite all the great vignettes.
      Have a lovely day Nines, x

  3. Ja upeita kuvia kerta toisensa jälkeen---ihana insta sinulla myös.

    Terkkuja Naantalista <3 Kirsi

    1. Kiitos kauniista sanoista Kirsi,
      tässä ja tuolla alempana!
      Tuo instahomma on mulle melko uusi juttu vielä,
      mukava oma maailma sieltäkin alkanut löytymään :)
      Ihanaa kesää idylliseen Naantaliin, x

  4. uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuummmmmmmmmmmmmmmm........................


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