Thursday, 21 August 2014

Today's ♡

"and all at once,

summer collapsed into fall."

Mentally I always try to hold on to the notion

of August still denoting summer even in these Northern climes,

but admit to that distinct feeling of suddenly 

one's morning coffee tasting extra good

with a crisper tinge in the air... 

Autumns do feel like a blank new page,

almost like New Year's.

This time for me that blank canvas feels more like a mental one

rather than a practical outworking, 

apart from one thing perhaps...

increasingly getting to concentrate on studio work,

- a sweet prospect

with the thought of a long, dark season ahead.

Will the autumn be bringing in something new for you?

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  1. oui. a fresh blank slate is also how my autumns feel. but also unsettling. i know the winds are coming. i keep thinking i'll grow out of this. but i'm a summer girl. still.

    1. I get the unsettling part, summer girl darling...
      Some things just can't be changed.
      But I do love the blank slate feeling
      & all those little cosy comforts when it gets cold.

  2. Here, in southern Spain, we go a little bit late, but it's true that the fall is sensed. Sure brings many good things, Rebecca.

    1. The thought came to my mind when I hit the 'publish' button
      that I hope I don't sound like a spoilsport here,
      as most Europeans I guess have their main holiday season right now.
      There's something about August for me,
      one of those in-between months I guess, which I tend to like,
      still in the summer season, but with those whispers of autumn.
      Hugs&kisses lovely Nines, x

  3. In Northern California we are blesses with the Indian Summer lasting sometimes into November. So Autumn so lovely with the warmth still present but no scorching heat. I am in the garden more tending to the end of Summer's harvest while planting the winter crops. September does always feel like the 'beginning' of a new year... More so than January. Full of new hope to embrace. xx

    1. An Indian summer that lasts till November... that sounds like heaven :)
      Sounds like that's the season to visit one day...
      Wishing you a beautiful autumn time tending to your crops
      & getting inspired for new things to come.
      Thank you for leaving such lovely traces of yourself here,
      I appreciate it so, xx

  4. I love that I have different seasons. I think that all of them have it's charm.
    Have a lovely weekend !


    1. I do love the changing seasons, too,
      and how these reflect on the inside as well.
      A sweet new season to you dearest Anci,x


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