Saturday, 6 December 2014

A glimmery reminder

When the winter sun does its surprise appearance,

it lights everything aflame

in shades of gold and blush and burnt ochre. 

As if trying to stop little old me in my tracks

in the middle of a hundred errands and to-dos,

which are suddenly thrown in the shadow 

of something much more mesmerising. 

I often bump into an elderly professor emerita and famous author,

who lives in the neighbourhood. 

I don't know her in person at all,

just of her,

but every time she passes me or us by,

she will lift her gaze,

look attentively at both me and the children,

and smile. 

Even when she's clearly in the middle of having

a deep and meaningful conversation

with her significant other close to her side.

There's something about seeing her

that fills me with a warm glow every single time. 

Her presence, warmth, 

and kind curiosity,

like that of a child's 

with sparkling eyes. 

I think it's these winter sun moments,

a few too many meaningless preoccupations,

and the silver-haired lady with her glittery eyes

that have been filling me to the brim with a desire

to be more wholeheartedly present

in what one does,

 in every chance encounter

on the corner of the street,

while the kids are brushing their teeth.

(And, on the flip side,

to surprise oneself by also politely hearing the word

'no' slip out of the mouth,

to make space for what genuinely matters.

I wonder why that's still so hard...) 

I do love that I could always get lost

in this space and a moment with you. 

Let's make the most of the weekend at hand,


R, x

p.s. thank you for leaving traces of yourselves over the past week,

I'll get back to you really soon, xx


  1. A reminder that I will always welcome. Thank you.

    As I have gotten older 'no' is easier to say. I think because I am more grounded in who I am and no longer live for others expectations. Your heart desires are good, follow them. Abundant peace to you and yours this Advent.

    xxo Kerrie

    1. Thank you Kerrie for your words of encouragement,
      it means a lot <3
      It's true that saying 'no' has got easier over the years for me, too,
      but I think for me it's one of those weak spots
      I need to keep tabs on at times.
      Take care lovely, xxx

  2. Beautiful story. Coming here just for the pleasure of reading your words and seeing the world with you.
    Doina from New York

    1. Thank you dearest Doina
      - and a magical Christmas time to you & yours
      in that beautiful city, xxx

  3. Thank you for your beautiful words today. My thoughts exactly as I look at all the
    hustle and bustle around me. Enjoy the special moments of each day
    Love Liz from Australia

    1. Yep sweet Liz,
      let's grab those peaceful moments in the middle of it all.
      Wishing you beautiful days leading up to Christmas down under, xx

  4. What a beautiful story! Perhaps the lovely lady can see the same in you that you can see in her. Just a little thought...
    Wish you many beautiful winter days!
    Love Ann

    1. That is such a charming thought,
      thank you for thinking that and saying that <3

      I guess it's one of those ironies in life
      that we never actually really know
      what others *see* when they see us,
      which is why (and I'm reminding myself now)
      it's all the more meaningful
      when we remember to tell the people in our lives
      what it is about them that we appreciate.
      Wishing you the same dear Ann,
      a very special pre-Christmas time, xx

  5. Beautiful photos, beautiful story and beautiful Eva Dahlgren's voice.
    Perfect for a lovely weekend, Rebecca.

    1. Ahh, Nines dear,
      it's actually been decades now (scary thought),
      and Eva Dahlgren's voice still continues to haunt
      and give me goosebumps...
      So strong and delicate at the same time
      (similarly to how I view her as a person).
      Hugs&kisses back, x

  6. A lovely story, well matched with beautiful photos.


It makes me happy
when you leave a trace

- whether it's a single word
or you scribble all over.


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