Friday, 8 April 2016


I may not be visiting Paris anytime soon,
but I now have a Paris grey table.
Chalk paint was a nice experiment,
no headache-inducing odours.

I said goodbye to my regular morning job
a month or so ago,
& I'm  in the honeymoon stage
of being a full-time freelancer & free spirit.
Getting to paint a table,
 sort a cupboard,
pop over to pilates
in between jobs
in the middle of a quieter day
if I so wish. 

If you fancy a virtual escapade to Paris,
you can pop over here.



  1. Full time to do beautiful things, Rebecca. We live once, my friend. I love the table in parisian grey, and I love the soundtrack.
    We have to go to Paris.
    Have a lovely weekend
    PD. I want to see the table finished :)

    1. Thank you nines for the sweet encouragement
      - it's true, though, an ever-growing urge
      to also have more time for that,
      to focus more fully on what matters
      & makes the heart sing.
      It felt like the right time.
      I'm sure the table will appear here & there
      in future posts :)
      I'm giving it another lick
      of matt varnish next,
      otherwise it won't tolerate
      messy fingers :) x

    2. I already knew the problem about the finger (but I have assumed that you knew too) It need wax or varnish. I don't know if I'm really fan of this kind of painting or I prefer the traditional matte or satiny, Rebecca. But we have to try, don't you think? Is handy to have those lovely colors without having to mix.

  2. Your portfolio is absolutely gorgeous! Your eye is very good I love everything!!! All the best from Sweden

    1. What a lovely surprise to see you over here,
      we go back a long while :)
      Thank you so much for saying that,
      it made me so happy.
      Wishing you a lovely springtime over there,
      I'm sure your hands are already
      covered in that delicious soil :) xx

  3. I love Paris grey! Getting ready to paint my kitchen something similar. Love Vanessa Paradis too! Ohh la la.

    1. The tone is so perfect,
      like a dreamy, grey cloud
      softly blending into Paris rooftops :)
      Vanessa Paradis is one of my faves
      - someone whose music
      always makes me *feel*
      and whisks the mind to Paris :)
      Good luck with the kitchen!
      We need to tackle ours, too,
      the paint has really yellowed over the years...


It makes me happy
when you leave a trace

- whether it's a single word
or you scribble all over.


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