Sunday, 30 April 2017


The first of May tomorrow,
and yesterday it snowed.
I was cooped under the covers 
with a spring flu
& didn't really mind
with all the glow 
that arrived in the form of
writings on creativity, 
photography vibes,
& a film with one of my absolute favourites,
 Lena Endre,
 transporting  me
to the windswept coastline of Öland.

Today I fancied picking up the camera,
take away any excess. 
Simple forms,
simple things
– honey, glass that reflects the morning light,
the drinking glass made by a friend,
who is a glass artist,
the caraf a souvenir from a market in France.
An attempt to catch some tender luminosity,
while the head is a soft, warm blur. 



  1. It makes me have a spring flu -- ok, silly joke (I hope you're feeling better) -- but the atmosphere depicted in these photos is inspiring for a leisure day spent in bed.
    Keep sending us your pictures adorned with your charming words.
    With love from New York,

    1. Haha, thank you sweetie, I totally get the gist :)
      All good now, although a little groggy
      ~ woke up from the slumber to spring!
      It's taken its time this year...
      Love to NY! x


It makes me happy
when you leave a trace

- whether it's a single word
or you scribble all over.


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