Wednesday, 4 July 2018


in between tackling the laundry
& folding summer dresses into neat piles
ready to be slipped inside my suitcase,
i wanted to pop here briefly.  

i've been off for a few days now,
and although still at home,
simply a rest from all the humdrum of late
has painted new horizons inside the head...

we are off to italy for a few weeks,
& so curious to see 
what Tuscan & Umbrian stories await,
ones to also share with you when the time comes.

so for now,
a sweet summer to you,
whatever you are doing.



  1. Such a lovely house and the way you photographed it, looks so mysterious!
    I hope you will have a wonderful and inspiring vacation. We are looking forward to hearing from you!
    Meanwhile there is a big political event in Helsinki!
    From New York with love,
    Doina Manea
    (I am sorry that I have to post as Anonymous but my office computer does not allow me to enter the office email, which pops out automatically, and at home I still not have internet connection, I just moved in a new apartment)

  2. Awesome post.

  3. I like this blog so much, saved to fav.


It makes me happy
when you leave a trace

- whether it's a single word
or you scribble all over.


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